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The Herzensangelegenheit e.V. is a foundation which possesses 50 children, supporting them from Kindergarten to University level. Up to 80% of finances are sponsored by the founder of the Organisation Günter Thomas und Janet Thomas, and rest 20 % of funds by the family, friends and well-known Public institutions like Sparkasse, Gelsenkirchen. Janet Thomas, a native Kenyan, ensures that the funds are utilized in a proper manner and where it is more needed. In addition to the construction of school buildings and premises, the foundation also take care of school fees, school uniforms, important healthcare and further requirements of children.

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New student residence in Kilifi

News March 2020

The latest project of our foundation "Herzensangelegenheiten e.V '' initiated by founder Janet Thomas, is a student residence on the opposite of the Pwani University in Kilifi, Kenya.

Due to many requests and the limited student budget, it is very difficult to find a suitable and affordable apartment. Therefore, needy students of the Pwani University will have the opportunity to be home at the furnished residence for free during their studies.

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5 questions to Janet Thomas

Why was it so crucial for you to invest in the development of these Kids?

Nowadays through the Globalization and mainstream, it has become pre-requisite to held the developing Countries with Education. Education is primarily the most essential part in order to exist in its home country or in the context of globalization. In this way, they will be able to involve themselves in the new changing Era and contribute in the betterment of their Country.

As a personal heart concern, you certainly have a special relationship with the children?

Sure, I know all the kids personally and have a firm attachment with them because interrelationship to me is the fundament of Heart Desire. I am always kept up-to-date by former, now adult protégés, and they tell me about their successes and also missteps. I visit them 5-6 times annually and always there for them.

How do the lessons take place in Kenya Schools?

First and foremost, children in the developing countries or in Kenya have no chance to be a kid for longtime, but they grow so fast in order to help in the household chores. I say this because a 7-year-old Boy or Girl has to take care of the other Siblings and this system continues in School. Very early in the morning you’ll see children on the Streets on their way to School. They walk more than 30 minutes or more to reach. And from the Kindergarten (Nursery Schools) Kids have a normal School. Learning System is Kenya is not only playing, eating and drinking milk. In a small classroom, which is rudimentary designed, here they learn to write and read in a playful way. After Kindergarten comes the primary School. In the Primary School, they study for 8 years and do the last exam in order to go to secondary school. Nonetheless, it is so difficult for most of these kids to finish school. Because in Kenya there is no social system and the government schools are so bad equipt so only if the parents invest in private schools then their children could have the chance to achieve at large. That is why we also have a building center whereby when the kids have school holidays, they get extra Tuition helping them to make progress.

Do you choose the kids you’re helping through a special Criteria?

All our Kids come from outback, very far from the Town. Vital here is, to grand an equality of opportunity that is the basis of founding this organisation. You see, I was born in Kenya and had lived between Chickens, Cows and Goats in a shed but through the Parents support and that of the Germans, I managed to build a good and satisfied life here in Germany. That is why all these Kids we are helping, should get a future perspective that will remove them from shed and one day make their village self-sufficient and maybe also become Ministers and Presidents...

Janet, what makes you happy while working with the Kids?

The kids are very grateful with what we offer them and that is really what matters. Their Success gives the value of our work. Seeing them Graduating and Independent, gives a sense of satisfaction and that we have not turned back to these children or to these who looked up to us. Nevertheless, kids here don’t need a toy or materialistic things rather they are happy and satisfied with what they have and every time after my visit to Kenya, I feel really Grounded.

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“Since my arrival in 1989, I have attained Multifaceted education of which I can say, “I had Luck”. I am grateful to the people here who accepted me with open arms without them none of these couldn’t be possible. Therefore, it is a special personal wish to impart children of my native place with this thinking and structure of “Made in Germany”. With this thought in mind and hope I initiated a foundation in 2013 named “Herzensangelegenheiten e.V.” which means Heart Desires in Kenya”

Janet Thomas


Janet Thomas

Human Resources

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