Finishing paper can take many different forms, depending on the kind of value you would like to add to the textual or graphic information at the end. Would you like your printed material to shine or sparkle, or be fragrant? Or would you simply like to protect it? Which kind of message would you like to convey? What's the best fit for your project or product? We'll be more than happy to discuss these questions with you in person.

Each of our teams specializes in a very specific field, and yet we'll provide you with a comprehensive, one-stop solution.

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High-end print

With high-end print, we'll set the scene for paper and cardboard. High-end print is so much more than simply printing – we breathe life into your materials. Beyond a mere two dimensions, they'll sparkle and shine and offer an entirely new touch and feel, which will help you reach out to your customers. With high-end print, you'll turn your customers into fans, as they'll recognize themselves in our products.

Pre-press services

We offer comprehensive services for packaging and commercial printing. That way, you'll really be able to set the scene for your brand and your company. With their expertise and intuition, our GT specialists will use intelligent workflows and standardised, calibrated proof systems to find the best solutions for you. Trapping, GCR, multi colour, embossing, finishing – we'll be delighted to help you turn your ideas into reality.

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GT Produktion

Image editing und Colour Management

GT Produktion uses state-of-the art measurement technology and the latest hardware and software to edit your images, retouch your photos or correct your colours. We'll use perfect colour management, recreate colours and adapt them to the original to achieve complex colour space transformations.

Our own high-end colour system known as "GT Colour in Cards" lets you expand your colour space, create detailed lithographies, simulate homogeneous spaces, develop comprehensive finishing effects and create perfect samples under D50 and D65 norm light using FM screens.

With "GT Colour in Cards", we can reproduce the surfaces and structures of your high-end products in a way that is true to the original and provides a genuine touch and appearance (e.g. wooden floors, wall structures, leather, jewellery, textiles, metals, etc.).

GT Produktion


If you want to offer innovative solutions, you have to keep making progress. That's why we need new perspectives, insights and ideas every day.At GT Produktion, we are inspired by our customers' visions, and we also develop new trends within our own team, who are constantly on the look-out for new ideas. As we go shopping or flick through magazines, we'll stumble across new approaches in print technologies and start to experiment with them. Using our expertise and experience, we are able to create a whole new world of opportunities for the beholder and consumer. Our products are created from life itself, and that's our mission!

GT Produktion


We employ our own 24/7 fleet to make sure that we can deliver your finished, embossed, or printed materials as quickly as possible. Upon request, we'll also collect materials from your premises. Just get in touch.