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NO GUTS NO GLORY - Event 2015 - Premium-Event

Presentation artist's book "Christian Nienhaus"
print by Trendhouse 42

In a town like Gelsenkirchen which is not implicitly renowned for beauty and glamour, two creative people, Günter Thomas and Christian Nienhaus, dedicated their creative power to exactly these issues. They show that it is possible to develop freelance art into visionary print art and to highlight it in an inimitable way. At the end it will be difficult to distinguish original and reproduction. The event started at 15:00h at the studio of the artist Christian Nienhaus where we discovered the unique and colorful world of this artist. In his exhibition, our guests detected exceptional objects which encourage reflection.

In his live cookery show on site, TV and Michelin-starred chef Nelson Müller treated us to culinary delights. Afterwards we moved on to the next location, the print shop of Günter Thomas and his GT Trendhouse 42. High-value finished print products for international brands in luxury, packaging, cover and add-specials segments are being produced here. Günter Thomas took us to his world of printed sensory perception. Finally, together with the soul band “Sonido”, we celebrated a unique day with good talks and in a jolly atmosphere.

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