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"Commit to luxury"

Launch of the new Ensocoat from Stora Enso

Stora Enso Event 2017

"No luxury is random. We know this because what defines luxury at its very core is commitment." - Stora Enso
The new and improved Carton "Ensocoat" from paper and cardboard manufacturer Stora Enso fulfills the highest demands of the luxury brands and the graphic arts industry. It is made exclusively from renewable fresh Fibers and Bioenergy, providing a sustainable alternative for packaging high-quality products such as Cosmetics, Perfumes, Champagne, fine Spirits and Chocolate. It is also used for demanding graphic applications and is therefore fully committed to luxury.
"Commit to Luxury"
In the course of the official launch, which has already started on the Interpack stand, together with Stora Enso, we have created an event worthy of the slogan "Commit to Luxury".On May 8 and 9, 2017, our production hall in Gelsenkirchen was transformed into a place devoted entirely to the new Ensocoat.

With impressive films of the artists Bea Szenfeld, Charles Young, Jule Waibel and Paperboyo, Stora Enso was able to show compellingly how luxurious and diverse the new Ensocoat is. The new Stora Enso material was presented by a Live Print Show on our Heidelberg Speedmaster. The artworks, which ran through the machine during the event with various varnish and iriodine applications, show the improved properties of the fresh-fiber Carton.

The highlight of the evenings was an exclusive Modelshow. Three dresses created from Ensocoat, presented by designer Jule Waibel and her unique folding technique, were outstanding. The printing machine served as a Runway for Catwalk and provided a perfect ambience. With live music and DJ Phil Fuldner, we were able to celebrate with Stora Enso and our guests successful evenings.

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