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Print Finisher Günter Thomas: »Innovation and avarice do not fit in one head.«

The Corporate Publishing magazine “KNOW!S“
met up with Günter Thomas and his team in the Trendhouse 42.

The Corporate Publishing magazine by Schaffrath Medien ’’KNOW!S’’ met up with Günter Thomas and his team in the Trendhouse 42 in Gelsenkirchen.

KNOW!S magazine: You have made a apprenticeship in the printing industry and have stood as a printer at the machine. Where did the idea arose from to make more out of paper and print?

What we have printed at that time was too dull to me. Just this activity, only colouring paper. I had a miraculous experience in 1967: Willy Brandt pressed the red button and the day show was coloured. The first coloured TV advertisement by 4711 was in 1964. The circle is closing, as 4711 is, thanks to Family Wirtz, one of our most important customers. But the newspapers were still in the same, dark and dreary colour. I have always thought, why do not they evolve and catch up? Some sell the news in colour, others remain with the news in black-white. That will never do! At an early age I have already made secret test rows, by spreading nail varnish on different colours to see, how it changes.

Does a creative person has to cross borders?

Yes. You have to exhaust all possibilities. The dos and the don’ts. If you calculate this after economic efficiency, then you are just like others. Then the controllers become heroes of the core business.

What is the future of print?

It must be admitted that print has a mad job: to build up and redistribute emotion, illumination and magic. Print is also a great educational tool. Who looks on the screen, perceives more cursorily. On paper you read more intensely.

Wouldn’t it make sense fort he future to make print more valued?

Let us take the magazine "Landlust" and his success as an example. They have not only built up a reputation, but have struck an informative chord. Everybody else missed that. They have argued excellently with the target group and now gained a high circulation because they have asked themselves: What does the customer really wish for?

How can I inspire the customer - your subject of refining?

Yes, where does he recognise himself again? Outside valued, inside favourably. Quite simply. Thomas shows an extravagantly formed dog food packaging. This packaging shines and looks clean. Actually, washing powder would have to be in it. The washing powder is in a plastic bag which looks a little grubby, but actually would have to emit cleanness. The dog food, it shines.

Can I increase my turnover by refining and circulation?

Certainly! I show my customers: this is how much you are worth to me. I offer you something good. This is a magazine which speaks. Most preserve their mistakes, they refine a couple of times and then begin to measure. This does not work in no time, if I have gone downhill for 20 years. Then you will not get up for quite some time.

Is refining only something for premium brands or for everybody? No, it works with all products. I deliver a signal of valency and esteem and am recompensed with the purchase. However, no compulsive refining. Not everything has to be improved. We work very discreetly. It can also be too much of a good thing. I always say: A nice woman needs maximum one bling.

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