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Interview with Günter Thomas, Druckspiegel

Personal questions about Günter Thomas

The journal Druckspiegel with some personal questions about Günter Thomas

Your favourite dish?
"Fish platter in »Basil’s« in Düsseldorf"

Your favourite drink?
"Aperol Bitter Lemon"

Which Sport?
"Football/ Schalke 04"

Your holiday destination?
"Our Child Foundation in Kenya"

Which kind of music?
"Hardrock by the GT/ Trendhouse Band"

Which paper?

Which magazine?
"brand eins"

Your motivation?
"The most of the best is reliability"

Your role model?
"The one, who says: »It is achievable«"

Your vice?
"Pretty women ..."

Your resolutions?
"Don’t leave the politics to Merkel, act independentely"

Which journal?

GT Trendhouse 42
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