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Interview with Packaging Today

GT Trendhouse 42 is a consultancy and manufacturer renowned for its beautiful and unique high-end print products. Packaging Today talks to Timo Schlingmann, the company’s marketing communication manager, about how its commitment to innovative design dovetails with its strict adherence to sustainable production methods.

Sustainability is increasingly the guiding principle behind printing and packaging production; how has GT Trendhouse 42 embraced this principle?

Timo Schlingmann: Our founder, Günter Thomas, always strived to make our production processes sustainable, helping to develop a new generation of printing machines capable of reducing the environmental impact of highly refined print products. This served as a spur to other major printing press manufacturers to create similar machines.

Fast forward to the present, and GT Trendhouse 42 has continued this tradition in other ways. With the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products higher than ever, we try to reduce our ecological footprint every day. For example, we are using varnishes that effectively avoid volatile organic compounds, polluted waste water and garbage, reducing our energy requirement by 30% compared with conventional methods. In addition, 90% of our detergents are saved through the use of closed-loop wash systems and integrated regeneration.

How is GT Trendhouse 42 transcending the package- printing market?

One of our great advantages is that we can produce everything out of one hand, and a lot of applications can be made within one machine run. We work closely with our clients, and due to our one-stop-shop nature, they save time and money. Our founder is a pioneer when it comes to highly refined print finishing. Since the 1970s, he has always been ahead of his time. We can bring up multisensory perception due to print products that stay in mind, and entice the consumer to take a conscious look at the packaging and brand. We were not born to just put colour on paper. That is just not enough. In this industry, you have to be a bit different and think outside the box. This is what we try to do.

Where do you see growth opportunities for your concepts?

The demand for extraordinary packaging and print is greater than ever. Particularly in this time of mass markets and the digital age, people love to hold something in their hands that is special in some way. Whether it’s a personalised product, multisensory concept or premium, smart packaging, we always try to set trends; not least because we are working together with great paperboard, foil and varnish companies to test their products at the highest technical standards.

What can visitors expect to see from you at future exhibitions?

We will show our latest highlights and give visitors an insight into our world
of colours and effects. True to our motto, ‘show the world as it really is’, we will show how different packaging and motifs on paperboard can fascinate the viewer. We try not to offer just what is expected, but what amazes – special applications that impress consumers and differentiate companies from their competitors.

What can the industry expect from GT Trendhouse 42 in the future?

We strongly believe that colours and effects always outweigh the noise of mechanical and electronic speeds.
At the beginning of a project, we never know exactly which impressions we
will create. This always depends on the mix of the team. These are deliberate coincidences. We focus on the respective product, brand or company. In any case, what we create will always be precious and high quality. So we will just try to move on and fight for excellence.

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