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Gietz FSA 106 Foil Commander - hologram-device

New features. Gietz FSA 106 Foil Commander – hologram-device

Our Gietz FSA 106 Foil Commander smart register received a new unique feature, in December 2015. The installed hologram-device with 6 foil sheets for single-screen holograms in foil stamping process allows benefit-applications and offers economic advantages including the foil consumption and the number of embossing runs. Standard holo-lens foils of all manufacturers as well as custom-made graphic hologram-foils with the revenue stamp sensors especially developed for the customer, can be applied precisely on the most different print products.

Target markets are above all the refining or forgery prevention for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products – other application possibilities are in preparation. GT Production will present a sample collection of stamping foil-holograms, in Spring 2016. This constellation of embossing machines is unique in Europe.

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