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Aqua 106 Komet

New Year, new mashine!

New Year, New Machine!

The year is drawing to a close and what could be a better christmas gift than a brand new laminating machine? In January 2020 our fourth laminating machine will be put into operation at the GT Produktion in Gelsenkirchen.

The Aqua GT 106 Komet Dispersion Laminator is one of the most successful on the world market.

Because of its exceptional productivity, extreme flexibility, absolute reliability, energy efficiency and, last but not least, ease of operation, Aqua is highly acclaimed by all high-end printing companies worldwide!

The new GT laminating machine works on water basis without any emissions and is running up to 110 meters per minute with dispersion adhesives and thermofilms.

In addition, lamination with thin and heat sensitive materials is easier.

We are able to handle all types of foils like OPP, PET, nylon, thermal, acetate, PE, PLA, etc. and it is possible to work with any thicknesses, with shiny-, matt-, colored-, metallized- and holographic films easily and safely.

Furthermore we reduce our energy consumption, because of the ecosystem we have the choice between electric or gas-powered heating.

Therefore our entire production hall in Gelsenkirchen has been equipped with a novel air compressor system.

We are looking forward to achieve great results for our customers in the world of finishing!

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