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FSA 1060 Foil Commander

The FSA 1060 Foil Commander!

In April 2018 the third Gietz embossing machine was put into operation since 2010/2011 at Günter Thomas Produktion / Alsdorf. The FSA 1060 Film Commander was specially developed for Foil embossing, Simple embossing, Combination embossing and transfer register holograms. For the refinement of prints in the packaging and commercial sector, it is exactly what we need to excellently express our skills in the finishing spectrum.

The machine can produce up to 8000 sheets per hour with high-quality embossing quality. The VACUFOIL film transport system handles the processing of embossing film rolls. The new OVD technology ensures the additional application of single-frame holograms for the security industry. We are looking forward to great results that we will achieve for our customers!

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