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Filmfestival Düsseldorf

Highend sponsoring for the International Short Film Festival Düsseldorf

International Short Film Festival Düsseldorf

1000 films from 90 nations will be judged at this year's international short film competition in Düsseldorf. Together with the advertising agency Piratas, we developed the advertising poster and sponsored it. Large A1 Poster was printed with various haptic and optical effects on a cardboard laminated with holo foil. Above all, the holographic effects that were perfectly staged by the creative design of the agency Piratas draws attention.

You can find the highly refined advertising Poster distribution in Restaurants and other public places throughout Düsseldorf. The Festival takes place from 15.-17. November by the Event organizer of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. A specialist jury included the four-time winner of the German Film Award, Alexander Berne, as well as the audience, select the winners and decide on the awarding of the three prizes worth a total of € 2,500.

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