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Show the world as it really is!

The GT brochure

Show the world as it really is!

GT Produktion stands for impressing, trendsetting and exceptional printing, refining and finishing techniques that give the product, brand or company sustainability, authenticity and recognition through highly refined commercial and packaging print products.

We love target group-oriented print products with excellent finishing which will inspire the viewer for the product and will have a significant positive influence on their purchasing decisions in the future.

True the Motto "Show the world as it really is" the GT Trendhouse 42 and the GT Produktion have set themselves the task of bringing a printed story realistically onto paper and cardboard.

To achieve this, opposing motifs were selected which show the 'Walk the Line' in a multi-faceted way in our world.

Discover our GT brochure 2020 and let yourself be inspired by new ways of GT print production!

GT Trendhouse 42

Janet runs her hand over the paper and feels the GT Premium Multi-Lacquer Effects.

She is especially affine for all colored Nail polish tones and decorative mica applications.

GT Trendhouse 42

In the smoky whiskey cellar James D. sits between his perceptibly woody barrels, studded with

steel bands, and a noble bottle of whiskey that is visual and tangible.

With a thick cigar, he enjoys a distilled drop.

Characterized by everydays life and the past, his thoughts wander away ...

GT Trendhouse 42

... to the sandy Route 66 and the relief of the "Highway to Hell" ... Eyes never forget.

James sees a blue truck with fat silver exhaust pipes and a Hot Rod car in bright red color and a silver radiator grill.

It's the original car of the rock legends ZZ Top. That’s his dream car.

Get in it and drive away!

GT Trendhouse 42

After a few miles, he spots the pure chrome of a Harley Davidson in front of a thick gray wall, which fascinates him. Just like a stage!

The biker wants to pick up his girl, but he is too early and slowed down too late ... Nothing happened, except rubber marks on her body.

She puts on her Glitter dress and off they go…!

GT Trendhouse 42

James D. gets out of the car and takes a walk along the ghettos. Yelling kids arouse his attention.
Backyard football, a trainer with her young football team.

On the wall the screens for the video evidence. It is clear that it wasn't a foul!
Of course, it all depends through which glasses you’re looking.

Are the shirts too dirty for you? Then take a damp cloth, and wipe the dirt off!

The game is over ... It ends 3:1, the cup is yours!!!

GT Trendhouse 42

After a successful match, the trainer gets ready for the night.

She takes a warm shower and in the mirror opposite, you can see that she feels good.

After that, she puts on her soft-touch bathrobe, which gives her a velvety feeling on her fingertips. Pure luxury!

Everyone knows this situation ... "What should I wear?"

On the stairs you’ll find the handbags, sneakers and high heels.

Inspired by the elegance of the snake she chooses the shiny high heels.

That's what snakes look like! :-)

On her doorstep, she is blinded by lightning.

It’s not only the lights of the bars around. Jewels, diamonds and gold turn the darkness of the night into daylight.

Today she pimps her outfit with it, but tomorrow she will bring the jewelry back to her favorite jeweler called Alfredo.

She is not only a great trainer, but also an honest finder!

GT Trendhouse 42

She walks confidently on the rough cobblestones, past the Walk of Fame ...

Along the colorful alleys, yellow lines of the graffiti work shine, and glow when you spotlight them with a light.
Let it flash in the dark!

Recognize trends before they become reality ... do something no one’s ever asked for!

GT Trendhouse 42

Product safety through embossed holograms

Especially in these fast-moving times, it is important to network your own products with the digital world. Every product that is refined with this technology ensures that it is a counterfeit-proof GT product. This allows the use of a smartphone app which can scan the hologram for both verification and other customer-relevant information.

More about the embossed holograms you can find here!

GT Trendhouse 42
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