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New hologram technique

Launch of our newest innovation

Save your product - product security through stamping hologram

Like already reported our Gietz FSA 106 Foil Commander smart register received a new unique feature, in December 2015. The installed hologram-device with six foil sheets for single-screen holograms in foil stamping process allows benefit-applications. In course of the Luxe Pack we developed together with the foil company KURZ a very unique GT-hologram. This hologram makes sure that you got an original GT product. With the assistance of an application (app) you have the possibilitiy to scan the hologram to get more customer-oriented information. This technique is applicable to every market segment. Target markets are mainly refining and forgery prevention for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Especially in this fast moving time it’s very important to connect your products with the digital world to race the bond with your customer. Within the app you can store any information you want.

There are no limits in functionality. To guarantee the product safety the application will be programmed to the hologram parameter. It works only with the right hologram. The user-friendly handling makes it possible to reach and to convince the potential customer directly at the point of sale.

Convince yourselfe!

Please ask for a hologram product:
T. +49 209 98090 70

And download our app under:
(Currently only for Apple devices aviable.)

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