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GT's antibacterial protective coatings

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GT's antibacterial protective coatings

The numbers of corona infections continue to rise, and even with the increased restrictions being taken globally, an end to this pandemic does not seem in sight. Denial and inactivity, while hoping for a miracle, is not the way to successfully move forward. We all need to do our best to optimize and improve the situation.

After intensive research with our development partners from Aluminium Féron, we have succeeded in developing an innovative new antibacterial coating for the printing industry. Just imagine what everyone of us is touching in our everyday life; when you pick up a box or package at the supermarket, reading a magazine in a doctor's waiting room, the possibilities to get in contact with pathogens are almost everywhere.

Our new antibacterial protective coatings are the solution to this dilemma.

From now on your products can not only look good, provide a haptical experience, as well as triggering a positive purchase decision for consumers, they can also protect against bacteria... making the world a safer place!

Please contact us for further information and an individual consultation tailored to meet the specific requirements of your products. We are ready and available for a conference call to discuss you needs.

Stay protected. Stay safe.

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