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True to the motto “Paper has to live and can not die flat”, we were requested by the globally renowned paper and cardboard manufacturer Mondi, to put their newly developed and improved PERGRAPHICA® cardboard through its paces.

The aim was to apply our combined skills, as well as our entire production experience to the new material, and go beyond the limits of the existing, standard materials.

For this purpose, we created two test sheets, which included everything from simple pattern structures, unusual picture motifs, to premium packaging solutions.

These were processed at our three production sites using all the printing and finishing applications that our company offers: special film laminations, hot foil and relief embossing, as well as screen and offset printing applications with a wide variety of colors, paints, pigments and iriodines.
The fantastic results illustrate that this premium material is perfect for creating high quality and unique final products.

“It was exciting for me to see how PERGRAPHICA® achieved such great results with uncoated papers, as well as cardboard boxes. I didn’t expect this in my wildest dreams.” Günter Thomas, heart and soul of GT-enterprises during the test series.

PERGRAPHICA® was introduced in 2015 as a new premium paper brand for offset and digital printing. Due to the wide range of colors, finishes and thicknesses, this premium product from Mondi inspires the print advertising, communication and packaging industry with its diversified portfolio.

The uncoated design paper was developed as a "paper for perfectionists", because choice of paper plays a significant role in print communication. It is ideally suited for all high-quality print projects and ensures consistent and high quality results.

To summarize: “Products produced with PERGRAPHICA® deliver results that provoke fascination, create interest and provide added value.”


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