Together we aim high!

New York City is not only a megacity, it is a unique description of a life style and we would like to pass on this life style with „Skyscraper“. Amazing motives, bright colors and effects shall put the viewer under the spell of this breathtaking city, with captivating experiences that trigger extraordinary fascinations and sensory stimuli.

A permanent union of ecological sustainability and economic thinking through disguise and promise. It is of no use to a brand if the packaging does not match the content, does not trigger any attraction and remains on the shelf.

„Where the eyes don’t find any support, the feet move on!“

But do environment and Premium really fit under one roof? KURZ Transfer Metall finishing (KTM) opened the door to a completely new level of printing processes … We offer the customer to choose between PET-laminated materials or foil-free printed substrates, just as he desires it.

Foil-free printed products and packagings that touch the viewer in his perception by means of effects and colors and generate a high level of need, visually as well as haptically. Outstanding developments into the future, always higher.

LEONHARD KURZ and GT Trendhouse 42 cooperate in research & development on new innovations to maximise sustainability and appeal of printed communication at all times. Do something nobody has ever asked for …

The great interest from our customers all over the world, who want to join us on this way, shows the correctness of the technical changes and actions initiated by us.

„Skyscraper“ combines display and packaging at POS in a great variety of different colorful impressions and finishings on a high level. We create new dramaturgy and dimensions in the development of perspectives. Just the things we like to do and for which we have stood out for decades. Join us on the journey of senses to New York City.

With the aim: a little bit better every day … test by test, step by step, floor by floor.

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