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invisible enemy

WORLD-20 versus COVID-19 


In these difficult times, it is all the more about sticking together, one for all and all for one. The current situation is affecting the entire world, each and every one of us, regardless of our background, history, gender or wealth...

We would like to give our fellow human beings a little joy in these hard times. That is why we are pleased to present you the artwork WORLD-20 against the COVID-19 »invisible enemy« which is limited on 500 highly refined art prints.

It shows us the earth in the form of a large eye infected by an abstract virus growth. Collages in the background chart the course of past international press releases. This should remind us never to forget such dramatic global events.

Each individual can draw their own conclusions from these times and gain new insights about themselves, human beings and the world. Know and treasure what you have, be more humble...

This is why the "Eye of the World" focuses on the future. It lets continents and humanity grow back together, united in the fight against the invisible enemy. Let the eye be vigilant for you and help you see and understand the big picture...

Works of art that deal with crises such as Covid-19 should not generate any non-transparent profitable advantages for reasons of humility and ethics of all those involved. All art prints were produced by Trendhouse 42 free of charge for all protagonists and those interested in art. For lasting reflection and memory.

We hope you like this artwork and that it also lets you view what is to come in a positive light.

Idea, concept and production by GT Trendhouse 42

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