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The art of work. Creating value.

The art of work. Creating Value

One of our most important principles is to create values out of refinement. If you look carefully, you will see that a lot of things in your daily life are able to be transformed into something special. In our new image film, the chef Stefan Manier, the watchmaker Alfred Weber, the artist Christian Nienhaus and the CEO of the GT companies, Günter Thomas got together to speak one language.

They are showing how to finish products in their own special way. „Refinement makes this highly precise time meter a precious object, and that is the actual sense of refinement: Creating value!“ – that’s the credo of Alfred Weber from Gelsenkirchen – Buer in Germany. Together with the GT Trendhouse 42, the film team of the agency, Screenwerk in Bochum, Germany, have created a story which shows our inspiration and everything we are standing for.

Please make your own view of us, while watching our new image video.

Watch Video on vimeo.

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