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The name Günter Thomas has always stood for trend-setting innovations and technologies for high-end print products since 1970.

In our new production films, you will get unique insights into the processes of finishing print products in our company. Here on display are our entire vertical integration combined with the latest technology and a highly qualified team.

At three locations in North-Rhine Westphalia, GT Produktion offers the entire spectrum from Film Lamination, via the Printing finishing in Offset and Screen Printing to Foil Embossing. Bookbinding further processing is also possible.

In addition, the GT Trendhouse 42 serves as an advisory interface between the customers / partners and the connected GT production.

GT Trendhouse 42 in Gelsenkirchen, works with designers, agencies and marketing decision- makers as a platform for planning and designing highly refined, haptically and visually exceptional print projects that exercise a lasting fascination on the viewer's sensibilities. Prints that no one can forget...

1. Everything from one source!

Full Movie

Günter Thomas, the heart and soul of GT Group, accompanies you in our first film through the creative and production-related development process of Champagne packaging.

​2. Film Lamination & Bookbinding

Location Gelsenkirchen Ulrichstraße

Dietmar Weber, our Technical Manager at the Ulrichstraße, will give you information about the foil lamination and bookbinding in our company.

3. High-End-Print-Finishing

Location Gelsenkirchen Pommernstraße

Bernd Salewski, our Technical General Manager for the locations in Gelsenkirchen, shows you how the Champagne packaging is printed by using our Heidelberg DuoPress XL 105 and the Sakurai Maestro 102 A Special Screen Printing Machine.

4. Foil embossing

Location Alsdorf

Georg Köpp, our sales manager, explains the process of foil stamping at our location in Alsdorf. Here, our specialists are responsible for refining printed products through a variety of embossing processes in various dimensions. For our champagne packaging, they worked here with different hot foils.

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